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From late April through May 11, Manzanillo becomes a site of festive celebration as Fiesta de Mayo gets under way.  This is one of the city's biggest events: a carnival featuring music, dancing and costumed parades down the street will all be taking place in a lead-up to the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo itself.

Although many Americans regard Cinco de Mayo as their Independence Day counterpart, May 5 actually commemorates a different event in Mexican history: the triumph of Mexican forces that defeated a French army twice their size at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. As this victory prevented the French from establishing a state that could have threatened the U.S., which was already vulnerable and embroiled in its own Civil War at the time, Americans celebrated (and still continue to celebrate today) Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo upset over France.

Due to this history and other influences, Cinco de Mayo is also recognized as a holiday in many American cities, but there's nothing quite like attending a celebration here in Mexico.  Check your calendar and book a stay during this time with the Dolphin Cove Inn!