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Hayden & Nick's Wedding

We would like to share with you the wonderfully romantic story of Hayden & Nick’s wedding. This lovely young couple had a very beautiful and stunning wedding here in Manzanillo on the November, 11, 2011 (11/11/11)
Since, many of you ask about weddings at Dolphin Cove Inn, we felt this story also illustrates how you can have your wedding here in Manzanillo. We have had a few small weddings in the past but we really aren’t equipped for full-fledged weddings. The perfect way to have your wedding at Dolphin Cove is to follow the footsteps of Hayden & Nick. They stayed with us at Dolphin Cove and but had the ceremony and reception at the Las Hadas hotel next door. This blends the perfect “marriage” of both resorts. We offer lower priced rooms and amazing ocean views, while Las Hadas offers all the amenities and equipment required for a wedding. Guest are happy to have a choice and because the resorts are next door to each other, it is an easy walk back and forth between the properties.
Now, on with the romantic story!!! Hayden & Nick met on the slopes in Lake Tahoe back in 2003. Hayden was a ski instructor and Nick a snowboard instructor. They fell in love after meeting on a ski lift. Their first vacation together was with some friends to Dolphin Cove Inn. They had a fantastic trip and always dreamed about returning to Dolphin Cove.
When Nick proposed in 2006, they started searching for a place to get married. They wanted a small, intimate beach wedding. Someone suggested Manzanillo and everything fell into place!
With the help of the staff at Dolphin Cove and the wedding planners at Las Hadas their dream wedding became a reality. With about 70 guests flying in for the special event, some stayed at Dolphin Cove and others stayed at Las Hadas. The wedding would take place at Las Hadas but most of the guests would stay at Dolphin Cove Inn.
The couple had their official ceremony back in the United States (it can be complicated to have a legal ceremony in Mexico) but they had a second wedding overlooking the beach with their best friends and family in attendance.
Most friends and family came and stayed for a week. The wedding festivities began on Wednesday.
Wednesday – Welcome Margarita party at Dolphin Cove Inn
Thursday – Beach volleyball and dominos by the pool at Las Hadas. Sunset cruise of Manzanillo Bay on the Explorer.
Friday – Wedding at Las Hadas. Reception with dinner and music on the beach! Complete with a magical display of fireworks to top off the evening!