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 Manzanillo, Mexico Travel Reviews

Before you book your Manzanillo, Mexico travel, read our guest reviews to find out why The Dolphin Cove Inn is one of the best Manzanillo hotels in the area!

Bob visit from Denver, CO

Guests Carolyn and Juilie visit from Canada

Manzanillo, Mexico is a magical place and our resort is something special. But don't take our word for it. See what our past guests have to say about our Manzanillo hotel.
"Dolphin Cove Inn is a gem. A real discovery if you are looking for a well-priced, charmingly decorated place to stay with breathtaking views that can’t be surpassed anywhere in Mexico, not at any price." – Karen Brown of Karen Brown’s Mexico: Exceptional Places to stay & Itineraries 2009

"If you are planning a trip to Manzanillo, and you want to relax and unwind, you should put the Dolphin Cove Inn on your short list. I can enthusiastically recommend to you that you add the Dolphin Cove Inn to your personal list of places to decompress."

"We have been to Mexico many times to many cities. Manzanillo is the most laid back of all of them. The resort is kept very clean with a nice pool and good food in the restaurant, we will be heading back there again soon." – TripAdvisor Review

"The accommodations are wonderful. We stayed in the honeymoon suite. The restaurant was one of the best we have eaten at in Manzanillo. The service and staff were fantastic." – TripAdvisor Review

"We were back to the Dolphin Cove Inn for yet another wonderful visit and everything just keeps getting better! The service, people and the restaurant are better than ever. The rooms and views remain unbeatable. A great place for families! A great place for couples! A great place!!" – TripAdvisor Review

"My husband and I went to Dolphin Cove Inn for a romantic getaway. The hotel is very charming with amazing views and very quiet. We loved the fact that we were not at a huge resort with all the chaos and activities 24/7. We'll be back!" – TravelPost Review

"It's like you have died and gone to heaven, except you have not died. Truly picturesque local, inundated with bougainvillea and palm trees over looking the ocean. At night all you can hear are the waves hitting the shore, not only is it spectacular, but soothing, relaxing, and mesmerizing. You just can't get enough." – Yahoo Travel Review

"Absolutely beautiful setting, panoramic bay views, romantic setting, wonderful service, good restaurant and an incredible value!" – Karen Brown Reviewer