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Stick around after another beautiful sunset and you'll see a different side of Manzanillo come to life. In addition to the fine selection of restaurants that thrive on the local fishing trade, our city also features many bars and nightclubs that only open after dark. You won't have trouble making a fun night on the town part of your next stay with Dolphin Cove Inn!

The Colima Bay Bar, Sunset, Sexto Piso (Sixth Floor), Yaco Pool Bar and Bar de Felix are some of the most popular nightlife spots of Manzanillo that are close to our resort. Colima Bay Bar is one of the most popular nightclubs where you can enjoy DJs playing techno and house music, as well as a broad range of other types of music—not to mention the variety of tequila-based drinks that are offered. Sunset Lounge is designed for those who enjoy Deep House, Techno and New Disco music and also for those who like to drink wine with friends. Sunset Lounge brings you “Daylight” during holiday season. To enjoy a great night out, the best place to go is Sexto Piso (Sixth Floor) which offers an amazing view of the Bay of Manzanillo, located in the Hotelito Escondido in Las Brisas. They offer an extensive menu of snacks and cocktails, as well as an excellent variety of music and karaoke to sing with your friends. Located above Porto Fino Italian Restaurant, Yaco Pool Bar has a motorcycle bar atmosphere featuring excellent live rock and reggae, with pool tables and a beautiful view of the sea. Bar de Felix offers a healthy variety of music styles (with an extra dose of Spanish, of course), on the Boulevard Costero Miguel de la Madrid, 2.7 miles from the Inn.

Manzanillo is working daily to create improvements for tourists to enjoy a fun night out with friends, and continues to offer a variety of bars to wind down with a couple of cocktails or even relax with a drink after work. You can find many drinking and dining options on the Boulevard from Las Brisas to Miramar: Uncle’s Bar, Le Sexta de la Quinta, Gauchos Bar, Moon Bar, Skol, Winehaus, La Gargola, Jalapenos, Vancouver Wings, La Catrina and Wings Army, just to name a few…

First-time visitors are often concerned about staying safe in Mexico.  Fortunately, Manzanillo is a case of its own: as an internationally famous tour destination located inside Mexico's safest state (while also being its busiest port), Manzanillo has long had a sophisticated infrastructure that helps protect tourists and businesses alike.  Put simply, we don't have the problems with crime you may be thinking of, although checking up on taxis and other transportation options before arriving is a good idea.

You may be surprised at how much there is to enjoy during a night out in Manzanillo!

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